pedro correa illustration - octopus in bowl of asian noodles

Pedro Correa’s Brilliantly Wild Illustrations

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If I were a betting man, I would say that Pedro Correa wakes up every single morning, pumped about life and his damn amazing amount of talent. He most likely leaps out of bed, slams an espresso, and hightails it to his computer, just raring to illustrate the next coolest illustration ever.

I am so thrilled to have discovered Pedro’s work, and I am beyond thrilled to share it with you now. Perhaps you’ve seen it out in the wild? That’s the great thing about illustrators – their work gets lots of eyeballs on it, and they make our everyday existence much more aesthetically pleasant.

So while it’s amazing to see illustrators hired by major brands, I tend to like the work they do behind the scenes, in their sketchbooks, that nobody is paying them for.

Given Pedro’s full website and myriad of pieces from which to choose, I decided to share art from his Moleskine. Enjoy!

2 illustrations by Pedro Correa - fish in outer space and a skull with flowers
2 Pedro Correa illustrations - one skull with frog and 1 fish coming through buildings
2 illustrations by Pedro Correa - 1 squid in noodle bowl with chopsticks; 1 skull with gears ans lightning bolts and eyeball
pedro correa illustration of hand holding baseball with eyeball
illustrations: 1 bird with skull head and bird beak mask, 1 half skull head as noodle bowl with chopsticks. Japanese characters behind each one
eyeball squid flying out of city with stars in night sky

Pedro Correa: Website | Instagram

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