My name is Jeanette – I’m an artist, writer, mom, hopeless art supply collector. I obsess over beautiful, creative, and inspiring finds, and created this blog to share them with everyone in the land.

Here’s an exhaustive list of other things I love, because I also love lists:

Iced green tea, dogs, raspberries, illustration, chick peas, goats, grey, poppies, garnets, pens, slate, eggs, lizards, hair dye, bad reality shows, essential oils, hotels, grocery lists, notebooks, personified creatures in commercials, podcasts, yoga, salads, chocolate chip cookies, snorkeling, naps, reading, writing, funny tweets, turkey burgers, being alone, road trips, bourbon, street art, hiking, my bunions, art supplies, paper planners, mushroom powder, sarcasm, skin care, pine trees, I will add to this as I see fit.