6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - newspaper, abstract, face, dogs, animals
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48 Rubber Stamp Designs That Will Make You Dig Out Your Lino Tools

Who doesn’t love rubber stamps? They are pocket-sized printing plates that allow you to instantaneously make art anywhere. Standing in line at the DMV? Stamp the person ahead of you. Waiting for your latte? Stamp the building wall. Doctor’s offices and hospitals offer up fantastically boring walls to stamp. Bujo and planner fanatics of course…

Tri Lukne Ceramics
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Tri Lukne Ceramics

Browsing through Ana’s site of Tri Lukne Ceramics is a calming endeavor. Her hand-built ceramics are the most unfussy of objects, finished with a simple clear glaze, and they show the deliberate finger marks of someone who has slowly and lovingly pinched and manipulated each piece. Related: 9 Ceramic Artists Who Shaped How we Work…


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