6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - newspaper, abstract, face, dogs, animals

48 Rubber Stamp Designs That Will Make You Dig Out Your Lino Tools

Who doesn’t love rubber stamps? They are pocket-sized printing plates that allow you to instantaneously make art anywhere. Standing in line at the DMV? Stamp the person ahead of you. Waiting for your latte? Stamp the building wall. Doctor’s offices and hospitals offer up fantastically boring walls to stamp.

Bujo and planner fanatics of course have been gleefully using stamps for years, so I dug into the seedy underbelly of their worlds to find examples of really cool stamps. The result is a little overwhelming, I’ll admit. I simply couldn’t stop saving them. So buckle up, little buddies, you are in for a plethora of rubber stamp inspiration.

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6 rubber stamp designs in a collage with brayers, hand, stamps

1. AAMS – She stamps this on envelopes and tapes around it so the recipient must cut on the line to get inside!

2. This is a mystery pin ☹️- but a really fun idea for turning simple stamps into sketchbook art.

3. Amazing. From my limited French, I believe this is form a Paris shop/artist called La Tampographe Sardon/Vincent Sardon.

4. Another mystery pin – and another example of simple stamps that can be turned into cool patterns.

5. And this is how you make 2-part stamps that are actually art prints. Andrea Lauren

6. A simple mushroom underneath view. Available on Etsy by Ewa Szczepanska.

6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - newspaper, abstract, face, dogs, animals

1. Newspaper pattern stamp – You could make some lovely cards or art journal backgrounds.

2. Yes you can have your face (or your BFF’s) made into a stamp.

3. Simple, fun, happy. Orange slices on thick printmaking paper by Danielle Lee Art.

4. I want these, and I want to make so many designs with them, in so many colors. It’s the Block Shop in a box by Block Shop Textiles

5. Awwww it’s the cone of shame. Hand-carved by Talk to The Sun.

6. A cute little set of woodland creatures, available at Michael’s.

6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - grater, abstract, faces, meerkats, papaya, pigeons

1. Pigeons are everywhere, so why shan’t they be stamped everywhere as well? Viktoria Astrom

2. A simple meerkat stamp, cute enough to explode your heart. From Woodland Tale on Etsy.

3. Awesome. This is something I would want to stamp everywhere. Georgina Kent

4. Simple double stamps let you easily stamp one piece in 2 colors and give you the charming, hand-made look of imperfection. Unknown mystery pin

5. Utter brilliance by Vincent Sardon.

6. A beautiful repeating pattern from one block. Sophie Elm

6 lino stamp designs in a collage - noodles, snail, armadillo, abstract, eggs, tree stump

1. Yes! Tree stump stamps are adorable. By Talk to the Sun, available on Etsy.

2. Hello, little armadillo. Gertie Jacquet

3. Oh my goodness, I love these piping hot noodles in a bowl. Studio Sonderling

4. Do you see how clever this is? The white space is the white of the eggs. Amazing. Mystery pin

5. I like the variation in shades with this repeating pattern stamp. Belette Print on Etsy

6. A simple, perfect snail stamp. Ewa Sczcepanska on Etsy

6 rubber stamp designs in a collage with stamps, paper, flowers

1. Honeycomb pattern stamp – This would be cute for a bee-themed design or to stamp and color in or doodle.

2. The most basic of shapes to stamp with, offering up zillions of possibilities. By Galaxy Forty Seven on Etsy

3. Such a pretty flower stamp set! ByMamalaterre

4. How cute would these be stamped on little tags you made for homemade bread and rolls? Specifically sourdough bread that you then sent to me. Here they are.

5. And you can use an address stamp like this one to mail the bread! Unavailable on Etsy, but here are some alternatives.

6. These little dogs are peeking out from the corner of your book. I am so tempted to stamp these in library books, but I shall refrain. m@ factory

6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - abstract, berries, ghost, chameleon, frames

1. Another one from Talk to the Sun – how can you resist these tiny frame stamps?

2. Stamps can be used on fabric – don’t limit them to your planner! Jen Hewitt

3. I love the look of white ink stamped on kraft paper.

4. A tiny, simple chameleon! How could you not stamp this all over the place as your calling card? From Woodland Tale on Etsy.

5. This one is for you ghost-lovers. The outline makes it.

6. Such a fun way to create a berry branch with the addition of just a little drawing. perlenfischerdesign

6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - pizza, books, girl face, cassette tape, mushrooms, faces

1. Endless fun times adding stampable features onto stamped faces. Mystery pin

2. Hey, Gen-xers! Here’s a cassette tape stamp to make you nostalgic.

3. You can carve different pizza slices and make a big DIY pizza with everything on it.

4. A collection of mushroom stamps makes a fabulous pattern. Maude Forbid

5. I love this sweet girl face stamp with the addition of the blush marks. Kozue

6. A plethora of books to stamp and draw on or color in more! Talk to the Sun

6 rubber stamp designs in a collage - chairs, letters, balloon dog, flowers, skeleton, eggs and bacon

1. Bacon ‘n eggs 4-eva. Can you tell I’m running out of things to say about stamps? (The website watermarked on this image is not around anymore.)

2. I want to create a set of tiny stamps to use together or separately – both flowers and abstract patterns.

3. This chair stamp is neato, and you need to see the chair wall that was created using it! By Allison McKeen

4. A fantastic Halloween skeleton stamp idea – by Mr. Printables.

5. And why not add a balloon dog stamp to your party invites? Available on Etsy

6. This takes dedication to carve out the whole alphabet as stamps. By Kristina Schaper

A Little More About Rubber Stamps

And you thought I was finished yammering on about stamps. I simply saved the rest for the bottom of the post so I could get on with the pretty pictures, but I wanted to gift you with some more words on why I decided to write about rubber stamps.

I was trying to remember when rubber stamps first became popular as an everyday creative object. I recall receiving a rubber stamp one 1980’s Christmas that read, BORING, and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world, and stamped it EVERYWHERE. I love when art tools are embraced by the masses – that’s when everyday life becomes generally more creative, with people gleefully exploring how they work and what can be made with them.

Rubber stamps of course evolved from wood block prints, which were originally used on fabric and in books. Here’s a long and thorough history of the rubber stamp in case you are curious, and I will freely admit to not having the attention span to read the whole thing.

Rubber stamps then expanded into acrylic stamps, cling stamps, and other interesting variations. I’ve even included a bunch of hand-carved lino stamps here, which ironically are often carved from a rubber material now instead of linoleum.

By the way, here is all about the tools to get started making your own linocut blocks if you are all jazzed about making stamps now!

Rubber Stamps in Crafting

Crafters have been using rubber stamps for freaking ever in their homemade cards and scrapbooks. I remember actually wondering if it was okay as a fine artist if I dared try using such crafty tools. Totally rolling eyes at myself right now.

Rubber Stamps in Planners

This is where I love seeing rubber stamps used. The Virgo in me is obsessed with how stamps can be both creative and organized. These rubber stamps are brilliantly beautiful examples of how planners can be both places to organize and express your personality.

Stamping in Art

Artists use stamps as the beginning of art journal pages, in paintings, or even really as original art prints. Since block prints and lino prints are so closely related to rubber stamps, the lines between home use and craft and art can be easily blurred. Just like a non-waterproof ink. lolol who’s funny?

Note: Apologies for any links that lead back to my Pinterest! I try to research images and find their original sources, but when that leads nowhere, I need to weigh whether sharing the inspiration is still valuable to you! I feel it is, even though sometimes the original source can no longer be located, or is no longer live on the internet.

Thanks for sharing! 😍

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