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Where to Buy Art Online When You’re on a Budget

How cool is it that we can actually buy affordable art online now, and we don’t have to scour overcrowded art fairs and rely on local galleries, or *shudder* buy art from Target in a fit of needing to just throw something up on the wall already?

The number of places to find cool art online is actually a little mind-boggling, when you include obvious sites like Etsy, all the art print sites, and then hard-to-find gems like art from individual artists.

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But this is what makes it fun! At least for me. I totally thrive on researching and exploring and scrolling until I have amassed a large collection of something (in this case affordable art). But I hate collecting things in real life. Only online. Pinterest was made for me.

So whether you’re looking for cheap art prints for your kid’s room, something to round out your gallery wall, or a special little piece of art for your otherwise perfect entryway, you are bound to find something in my super-duper list of online art sources. Oh, and don’t forget the frames!

Where to Buy Art Prints

Let’s start off with where to buy art prints. Many artists sell their art as art prints, because it is SO MUCH more affordable than buying original art. You get an amazing piece of art you love, without the prohibitive price tag (although I do recommend everyone buy at least one piece of original art in their lifetime).


Are you shocked that I’m starting off my list with Etsy? Etsy has ben an amazing resource for cheap art for eons, so it’s only right to give them the place of honor.

Art prints are a typical and easy way to find great art that you love at a fraction of the cost of original, one-of-a-kind art.

Saatchi Art

So I realize that “inexpensive art” can be interpreted wildly differently. When you take into consideration the price of most high-quality original art, even prints from Saatchi Art are relatively inexpensive.

With a highly curated site like Saatchi, you’re also going to find art you won’t find anywhere else. I get lost on there regularly.


The art on Society6 seems to trend decorative – graphic and simple, if not trendy. I do like that they offer some nice choices for frames – and it’s still inexpensive!


I love Minted. It’s so beautifully curated, they have so much to choose from, and so many options for customizing and getting exactly what you want. Minted might be the best place ever to look for gifts.

You know what else is brilliant about them? They have pulled together different sets of art into pre-designed gallery wall collections, so all you have to do is order the art and emulate how they hung the pieces!

Alternative Wall Art

You can put all manner of things on your walls that doesn’t fall under the categories of “print” or “painting”. We have 2 framed staple drawings my daughter made when she was 5, and they are 2 of my favorite pieces ever.

What else can you put on walls as art?

  • Weavings
  • Objects you find
  • Framed maps
  • Fabric or tapestry
  • Tiles
  • Pieces of driftwood
  • Decorative mirror
  • Painted patterns

And on and on; pretty much anything that you find and like that you can manage to hang can be used as art. Some of the coolest gallery walls I’ve sen have incorporated unusual objects into the mix with the more traditional art pieces.

Removable decals and wallpaper can give your walls an overall boost of color or pattern if you want to make a bold statement.

Print Your Own Art

Yes! You can buy an art pdf online, print it yourself (or have it printed), slap it in a frame, and hang it right on up. This is probably the cheapest way to buy art.

My only tips here would be to make sure you have a decent printer, or let a print shop print it out for you. There’s nothing more annoying than watching all of your precious ink be wasted on a junky print job. (Hello, weird skips and stripes.)


Yet again, Etsy is your place for all things art, including art to print out yourself. There are so, so, so, so many options here to buy and print out immediately.

I use Creative Market constantly for illustrations and vectors, and they are an AMAZING resource for art, too! For usually about $20-$30 you can download a whole set of patterns and print them out to frame as decorative art prints.

If you know how to use image editing software, you can change the colors, or rearrange elements, for a completely personal piece.

Free Art to Print

Looking to go completely free for your art? You can download images from places that have digitized pieces from their collections and made them available to everyone.

Library of Congress

The New York Public Library

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

and more!

Got any more tips for inexpensive art? Let me know in the comments. What’s your personal favorite piece of inexpensive art in your home?

Thanks for sharing! 😍

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