Suzanne Sullivan ceramics

Suzanne Sullivan Makes Ceramics Everyone Wants

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Sometimes, you keep seeing the same image on Pinterest because Pinterest kind of sucks now, but you still have the urge to pin it over and over again because you love it so.

Such is the case whenever this pin slides through my feed, because dagnabbit, it’s beautiful.

handmade ceramic mugs by suzanne sullivan black and white patterns with gold handles


Look at these fun, quirky, whimsical ceramics. Adjectives I’m not usually a fan of in art work so well here. These beautiful ceramics are by Suzanne Sullivan, and here is her Instagram.

Her newer work has gone in a more geometric, triangly direction, with sharper lines and more pattern, but keeps the same clean black/white/gold style as these.

black and white geometric pattern ceramic tray by suzanne sullivan
ceramic mugs by suzanne sullivan

You want to know what makes me super happy, but probably makes her followers sad? Everything on her site is sold out! YES. Way to rock that clay.

Suzanne Sullivan: WebsiteInstagram

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