Stunning Concrete Tiles by Popham Design

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Okay, do you love tiles? I do. The geometry, repetition, the way they fit together like a puzzle. And then when someone talented devotes their whole design career to tiles, I get stupidly excited to share with you.

Green and white popham design concrete tiles - shown close up and on a wall of a bar
Girl sitting next to pool on blue and white popham design concrete tiles

Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes are the American couple who created Popham Design in 2007. I was surprised to see that their tiles were not ceramic, as I assumed, but concrete pressed in a hydraulic press.

Each tile is handmade, taking 3-5 minutes per tile, and air dried. The company employs master artisans from Morocco, from whence they discovered this technique. Did you know that pressed concrete tiles were in use starting from 700 A.D?!

If you love the puzzleyness of tiles as much as I do, you’ll have fun playing with creating your own designs from their tiles. Click on ‘play’ in the top menu bar of their site and you’ll be able to choose your tile designs and colors. The colorsssssss šŸ’™.

Here’s what I made:

Tip: At some point during the ‘playing’ process, I needed to click on the button to open it as full screen so I could get to the next step.

Remember when I said they just do tiles? I lied! They design lighting and other decor pieces, including the coolest Backgammon board ever.

Popham Design: Site | Instagram

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