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20 Cool Moss Wall art Ideas to DIY or Buy

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Plant and nature art inside the home has exploded in recent years, and I’m all about it. Including moss wall art. Moss is such a fascinating, green spongy otherworldly substance. Plus – anything that is a home to tardigrades is okay by me.

Don’t let this deter you from adding moss wall art to your home! most ready-made moss art is made from preserved moss, which is not living (and not a home to cute li’l tardigrades.)

Living Moss vs. Preserved Moss

Adding moss wall art to your home has sooo many benefits. Besides the beauty and coolness factor, if you choose living moss, you are adding plant life that will provide you with oxygen while sucking up the carbon dioxide.

Living moss walls do require a lot of upkeep, and you’ll need to give them the perfect amount of light and moisture to keep them thriving.

Preserved moss is favored by many moss artists, as it gives you the much-needed access to natural materials in your home, without much fuss.

bed with moss wall art hanging above it in a dark wood frame

10 Ideas for DIY Moss Wall Art

If y’all are adventurous and want to DIY your own mossy wall art, here are some creative ideas for what you can create:

  1. A moss mandala or labrynth, featuring intricate patterns and shapes.
  2. A mossy heart, or another shape that has symbolic meaning to you.
  3. A moss letter or monogram, using moss to spell out a name or initial.
  4. Any insect or flying creature – think dragonfly or butterfly.
  5. A cityscape, with moss forming the buildings and streets.
  6. A wild animal, such as a deer, fox, or bear. What is your spirit animal?
  7. Moss forming sand and waves to create a beach scene.
  8. An entire tree with moss forming the trunk and leaves.
  9. A mossy map, using different types of moss to represent different regions.
  10. An underwater scene, complete with moss seaweed and coral.

10 more Designy Moss Wall Art Options

If nature scenes aren’t your thing, here are some more minimal and design-oriented moss art ideas:

  1. A minimalist moss art piece, featuring a single, bold shape made entirely of moss.
  2. A mossy typography piece, spelling out a word or phrase using different types of moss in various shades and textures.
  3. A geometric moss design, featuring intricate shapes and patterns made of moss.
  4. An ombre gradient, fading from light to dark shades of moss. Oooooh
  5. Use moss in an abstract 3D shape coming out from the wall.
  6. An abstract landscape, with moss subtly representing the earth and sky.
  7. A mossy color block design, featuring bold and contrasting shades of moss.
  8. A mosaic design, using different types and shades of moss to create a colorful and intricate pattern.
  9. A fractal design, featuring a repeating geometric pattern made of moss.
  10. Moss arranged in a colorful and intricate pattern reminiscent of stained glass windows.

Where to Buy Moss Wall Art

Etsy, baby! You will find a plethora of moss art here, and this is the best way to go if you don’t want to DIY your own piece. Here are a few gorgeous options to choose from or be inspired by. Click on a photo to check it out on Etsy:

How to Care for Your Moss Art

Preserved moss wall art will last for years with virtually no maintenance on your part! You may want to dust it off lightly here and there, but this is why most of the moss wall art on Etsy is made with preserved moss.

If you do choose to go the ‘living moss’ route, you will need to to a little work to keep it gorgeous:

  1. Choose the right type of moss: Some types of moss are better suited for indoor environments and lower light conditions. Do a little research choose a variety of moss that can thrive in the environment you’ll be placing it in.
  2. Use a suitable substrate: Moss needs a surface to grow on, so it’s important to use a moss mat or a soil-based mixture that’s specifically designed for moss. Make sure the substrate is moist, but not soaking wet.
  3. Provide enough light: While some types of moss can thrive in low-light conditions, most prefer bright, indirect light. Avoid placing your moss wall art in direct sunlight as this can scorch and dry out the moss!
  4. Keep it moist: Mist your living moss regularly with water or use a humidifier to keep the air moist around it, as it needs a consistently moist environment to stay alive.
  5. Keep an eye on your moss wall art: Check for any signs of drying out or discoloration. Remove any dead or discolored moss and replace it with fresh, healthy moss as needed.

Where to Get the Moss

If you are making your own moss art, you can buy preserved moss in bulk, and in various colors, shapes and textures. Click below to explore some resources:

More inspiration for art for your home:

The So Fun Shop

Unleash your inner curator: Discover the perfect wall art pieces that will breathe life into your home and reflect your unique style.

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