You Will Flip Over These Etsy Design Awards Finalists

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It’s time for a massive dose of design inspiration and an exciting new development in the world of Etsy.

For the first time ever, Etsy is holding held a global design award program called The Etsies! Cue the wild applause

Right now there are 160 finalists competing for the $15,000 grand prize, or one of 5 prizes in these categories: Inventive Decor, Signature Style, Festive Celebrations, Earth-Friendly, and Creative Collaborations.

You can go browse through the finalists here, and scroll down to see my favorites. There is SUCH GOOD STUFF here. Etsy still gots it going on, even though it’s like 108 in internet years. Go, Girl. (Yes, I have personified Etsy, and it is female.)

My Favorite Picks From The Etsies Finalists

Inventive Decor

Dinosaur magnetic wallpaper for kids rooms

This is incredible, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Those of you with mini dino-lovers in your life will likely be as excited as I am for magnetic dinosaur wallpaper. Seriously, who thought of this?

It’s Sian Zeng from London, and all of her illustrations really are magical. I can just imagine the stories kids create while playing in their rooms with their various wallpaper scenes. Look at this Tropical wallpaper with the frog! EEK!

close up of tropical magnetic wallpaper with frog on leaf with flower

Next up is this breathtaking chair by Fernweh Woodworking. I need one of these in my life ASAP. Look at those arms, the stitching, the perfectly rounded corners and edges.

leather and wood handmade chair by Fernweh Woodworking on Etsy

I so appreciate when Etsy artists take/have taken beautiful photos of their work, and when the pieces are in lifestyle situations so you can really picture owning them.

Signature Style

Handmade rubber tiara on woman by Raw Design Atelier on Etsy

I am digging this tiara, and the other items from Raw Design Ateleier – guess what the shaggy bits on the tiara are made of…

Festive Celebrations

So this is a really neat idea if you want to make the photos at your wedding or other event super creatively special – they are custom painted photo backdrops by The Small Creative.

Bonus: you have a piece of art to hang on your wall after the photo sessions.

hand painted photo backdrops with flowers and leaves on canvas - by The Small Creative on Etsy

Earth Friendly

handmade hanging wood lights by DeLaPalma

Yeah, how rad are these wooden lights? They’re so rustic/natural/organic/beautiful/unique/warm and so many other adjectives. By DeLaPalma.

hand dyed botanical tablecloth by ADBBotanical on Etsy

These are the kinds of things you see and immediately know how much fun they were to make, then you realize how much fun it would be to have one on your table, because, hello, conversation piece.

Isn’t it so pretty? It’s a botanical, hand-dyed tablecloth by ADBBotanical Color.

handmade bee hotel on Etsy

I love this little bee hotel, I love bees, I love beekeepers, I love running around my neighborhood with my arms out to the sides yelling, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. By Wuddl on Etsy, and there are some other cool bee house designs there, too.

Creative Collaborations

origami wedding invites and envelopes

When people collaborate on Etsy, creative magic happens. These stunning origami wedding invitations by Jay Monique prove my point.

I love putting these roundups together, because I know everyone has their own favorites they would choose.

Go have a look at the other finalists and let me know what pops out at you. it will be fun to see who wins the big prize. I hope there’s lots of champagne and messy happy tears.

8 of the top finalists for the 2019 Etsy design competition. The Etsies

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