Embroidery Art by Emily Barletta

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One artist I love to revisit regularly is Emily Barletta. Her style seems to change on a dime, and she makes a lot of work.

It’s the feeling of bingeing a Netflix show, and then getting super excited when the next season comes out.

I first discovered her work about 4 years ago when I saw this:

pink shades of embroidered art that look like cells - by Emily Barletta

But when I clicked through I found work that was more like this:

Art by Emily Barletta - embroidery

And now I’m seeing all sorts of this:

And this!!!

I freaking love these Virgin Mary pieces.

Isn’t it weird when you can like an artist’s work through styles that are so different? I think there’s a common concern with artists about switching up your work when you’ve hit a groove. It can keep you in a place of safety for too long.

When I see artists (like Emily) who seemingly don’t have that problem, I’m always impressed. It shows that sense of creative exploration is going strong!

If you need a big, hefty dose of fiber art inspiration, go spend some time scrolling Emily’s Instagram feed.

Emily Barletta: WebsiteInstagram

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