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75 Cute Doodles To Draw Anytime

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You want some cute doodles to draw anytime, anywhere you have a pen and some paper? I have been making little doodles and drawings since I was a kid, and to this day I find it impossible to not attack a blank piece of paper when I see it.

If there is a pen, marker, or pencil anywhere nearby, I will start doodling and zone out happily. Although studies have shown that doodling does help with concentration, so I absolutely doodle anytime I’m sitting and listening to something I want to focus on.

While I usually tend to doodle abstract little drawings all over a page, I enjoy drawing cute little doodles as well. I’ve compiled doodles for you into different categories so you can come back and reference these at any time.

Enjoy your doodling adventure, and let me know if you have requests for any specific cute doodles you want to draw!

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Easy, Cute Doodles to Draw

When I hear the phrase, ‘cute doodles’, I think of little food drawings with faces. Or any object that has been personified with sweet little smiles and big round eyes, thereby making us love it.

But really anything can be doodled in a cute way if you add some fun colors or hand-draw in a loose way. There’s something about quick and loose drawing that gives a doodle a whimsical feel.

When you are drawing these doodles, be sure to practice each one a few times – there is magic that happens in drawing after you have drawn something more than once. Your hand loosens up, you become more confident, and the doodle loses the stiffness that comes with the first time of drawing anything.

Keep practicing your doodles and you will build up your own repertoire of characters, shapes, facial expression, and even go-to colors that will make your doodles distinctly yours.

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Food Doodles

Food is so much fun to draw! From our favorite junk food (hello, pizza) to cute li’l strawberries, you can find a way to draw any sort of food you love in an easy doodle style.

a page of cute drawn doodles - different foods - some with faces

Sweets Doodles to Draw

Droooool. Who doesn’t love to draw sweets? It’s the second best thing next to eating them all. Since candies and desserts are so much fun to eat, I think that makes them automatically one of the best things to doodle – especially with all those sprinkles, cute wrappers, and fun shapes.

lots of doodled sweets like ice cream, candy, cake, lollipop, ice cream bar

Also check out these drawing prompts by season if you want to doodle that way!

Animal Doodles

Practice these animal doodles and you will be ready to turn all your favorite animals into cute doodle characters. Here’s a hint: Once you get a few of these down, look at other animals and try to draw their basic shapes. Meaning, if you look at an animal photo and feel overwhelmed about how to turn it into a doodle, try looking at it as a group of basic geometric shapes all put together. Ears can be triangles, faces can be circles, etc.

little cute doodles to draw of animals

Plant Doodles

Nature contains all the shapes and colors you could possibly want to doodle. It can be an endless source of inspiration for doodling ideas, and plants especially are really fun to draw! And we all know it’s impossible to draw a flower without adding a fun little face to it…

plant, flower, mushroom doodles to draw

Outer Space Doodles

There is something about outer space that captures all of our imaginations – from the amazing planets in our solar system to twinkly stars to our ideas of what life on other planets could look like. As endlessly fascinated with space as we are, it is a fantastic source for doodle ideas!

outer space doodles - saturn, space ship, constellation, rocket, stars doodle art

Everyday Object Doodles

Everywhere you look around, there is something to doodle. Literally, the world is full of items to draw and turn into cute doodles.

cute everyday items to doodle - shoes, car, watering can, etc
every day object doodle ideas including banners, trashcan, coffee pot, camera, hammer

Cute Faces to Doodle

If you want to take your doodle cuteness to the next level, practice drawing cute faces. Once you have a repertoire of lots of different expressions, you can use them to illustrate your current mood, or the mood of the item you are doodling, Who doesn’t love a grumpy carrot or laughing fried egg?

cute faces to doodle - set of 12 little gumdrop-looking heads with different doodled expressions

Tips for Doodle Drawing

If you feel a little lost with where to start the doodle, begin by drawing the largest shape first and then adding in the smaller details.

You can practice drawing your doodles in pencil, but I feel like that just defeats the purpose of doodling. You aren’t drawing masterpieces here; doodle art is supposed to be easy and fun! Take the pressure off yourself to draw something perfect. Instead of drawing with pencil and erasing any little bit that doesn’t look as expected, use your pen or marker of choice, and draw a whole page of one single doodle in your sketchbook. By the end of the page, you’ll feel pretty confident with how to draw that doodle, and you won’t have made doodling a chore!

After you’ve drawn your cute doodles, go ahead and play with coloring them in – try markers on some and watercolors on some – just like making your own coloring sheets!

To make your doodles extra cute, try adding faces to anything. Really, adding a face just automatically makes it adorable, see? 🙂

But if you don’t want to add a face, practice your line style. Loose drawing lines can make a drawing look somehow sweeter and more whimsical, and this comes with practice! This may be the third time I’ve written this here, but practice doodling as much as you can, and you will start to be able to manipulate your line styles as you draw, instead of just focusing on getting the drawing to look like whatever you are emulating.

Tools you’ll need

Ya don’t need very much at all to get started with doodling, but here is a list of some of my favorite doodle supplies:

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